//Thank You’s
Thank You’s 2018-05-11T09:44:19-04:00

A HUGE Thanks To...

  • Alan DePew: SQL Server Support/Integration and Training; Fixing all of the queries that I broke

  • Bill Beatty: SQL Scripting

  • Joe Coyle: Web support/SQL integration

  • Adam Martello: Legal Services, Formation, and Legal Support

  • Apple and their Developer Support
  • All of the members of Stack Overflow for their help with debugging issues
  • Everyone who made YouTube tutorials or blogs on developing an app
  • All of our beta testers
  • Everyone who prayed for us while developing this
  • All of you users for being the reason that this app was made!!

And Most Importantly...

Our Heavenly Father, as well as Mary and all the Saints and Angels in Heaven.

They kept this process going even through the toughest times and never gave up hope in us. 

It's really been a journey developing this app as a freshman in college, but it was worth every bit of it! I hope you like the app and use it to grow in your faith!