//Dear Depression

Dear Depression

Dear Depression,

There are days where you think you have won. There are days where you exhaust every last ounce of hope in someone’s life. There are days where you put people on their knees sobbing for the slightest existence of hope. There are days where you remove almost every last bit of happiness and positivity.

Guess what: you’re wrong.

You seemed to have missed several key things. You missed the single atom deep inside someone that gives them hope to go one day more. You missed the love and support we get from our families and friends. Yes, you probably made us doubt that, but it just isn’t the truth; they always care! You missed all the memories, good and bad.

Most importantly, you missed God! God won’t give up on us. God won’t let every bit of happiness, positivity, hope, or friendship disappear. Why? Because He loves us! He knows we can do this! He knows that people care!

Good luck in the future, depression. You’re not winning this time.

You’re not winning. EVER.

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