/Pintentions Beta

Version 0.9, Build 1

The final beta build!!

Thank you all for your support during this journey! This should be almost identical to the final product, minus a couple of graphics and performance changes.


Known issues:

  • Notifications page still crashes rarely for some users
  • If you have a two identical intentions and you edit one of them, both will be edited


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Version 0.3.6, Build 2

  • Intentions table automatically refreshes
  • Done button on keyboard dismisses the keyboard
  • Refresh button removed



  • UIDatePicker still doesn’t reflect notification time set by user
  • No confirmation on submission of Notification Time or Add Intention
  • Inability to edit existing intentions
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Version 0.3.5, Build 5


  • New info button
  • Text is centered in the settings screen
  • UIDatePicker allows you to set notification time


Known issues:

  • UIDatePicker will not show you what time you currently have notifications set for
  • You cannot disable the daily notification yet
  • The launch screen isn’t properly centered
  • No confirmation of notifications being set


If you find anything else, text Anthony.

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