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Day 2: I Am More

Today’s word really speaks to so many, because of the fact that so many people struggle when they fall. They will continuously linger on things that happened in the past and are scared to move on. However, Chris’s example of Jesus changing Simon’s name to Peter really shows that every time we renew our faith in confession, we truly are reborn and become a new person!

Reflection Question:
What words and feelings does the devil use to accuse you and shape your self-perception?

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Day 1: I Am New

In reflecting on my day, this topic truly fits into my life so well right now. After having a rougher evening, I went to mass and then read this chapter, which led to so many revelations.

Chris’s example of how his son was in awe on how Chris remembered so much about his childhood, yet his son forgets yesterday and moves on to a new day, shows how we need to approach life! Instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, focus on the HERE and NOW!

What past mistakes are you holding onto and letting define your identity?

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33 Days of “I Am ____”

If you are not familiar with Chris Stefanick, you are truly missing out! Chris is a Catholic speaker and an author, while also running Real Life Catholic (realifecatholic.com)  Recently at confession, my priest told me to work on my self-confidence. As a gift, he gave me Chris’s book, “I am _____,” to aid with the strengthening. After reading the introduction, I figured that I would do a post for each of the 33 Days reflecting on these different categories (i.e. Amazing, Strong, Blessed, etc.)

If you want to join in this journey, be sure to purchase Chris’s book (linked above) through his website, or through Amazon. Either way, please read the reflections and use them to work on your own self-confidence!

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