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Day 2: I Am More

Today’s word really speaks to so many, because of the fact that so many people struggle when they fall. They will continuously linger on things that happened in the past and are scared to move on. However, Chris’s example of Jesus changing Simon’s name to Peter really shows that every time we renew our faith in confession, we truly are reborn and become a new person!

Reflection Question:
What words and feelings does the devil use to accuse you and shape your self-perception?

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Day 1: I Am New

In reflecting on my day, this topic truly fits into my life so well right now. After having a rougher evening, I went to mass and then read this chapter, which led to so many revelations.

Chris’s example of how his son was in awe on how Chris remembered so much about his childhood, yet his son forgets yesterday and moves on to a new day, shows how we need to approach life! Instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, focus on the HERE and NOW!

What past mistakes are you holding onto and letting define your identity?

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33 Days of “I Am ____”

If you are not familiar with Chris Stefanick, you are truly missing out! Chris is a Catholic speaker and an author, while also running Real Life Catholic (realifecatholic.com)  Recently at confession, my priest told me to work on my self-confidence. As a gift, he gave me Chris’s book, “I am _____,” to aid with the strengthening. After reading the introduction, I figured that I would do a post for each of the 33 Days reflecting on these different categories (i.e. Amazing, Strong, Blessed, etc.)

If you want to join in this journey, be sure to purchase Chris’s book (linked above) through his website, or through Amazon. Either way, please read the reflections and use them to work on your own self-confidence!

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Dear Depression

Dear Depression,

There are days where you think you have won. There are days where you exhaust every last ounce of hope in someone’s life. There are days where you put people on their knees sobbing for the slightest existence of hope. There are days where you remove almost every last bit of happiness and positivity.

Guess what: you’re wrong.

You seemed to have missed several key things. You missed the single atom deep inside someone that gives them hope to go one day more. You missed the love and support we get from our families and friends. Yes, you probably made us doubt that, but it just isn’t the truth; they always care! You missed all the memories, good and bad.

Most importantly, you missed God! God won’t give up on us. God won’t let every bit of happiness, positivity, hope, or friendship disappear. Why? Because He loves us! He knows we can do this! He knows that people care!

Good luck in the future, depression. You’re not winning this time.

You’re not winning. EVER.

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de·pres·sion (dəˈpreSH(ə)n/)
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Dealing With A Close Friend Struggling in Life

This is something that hits home way too often for me: a friend going through a tough time in life. They might be struggling with something small, such as a rough day at work or an argument with someone you care about, or something as large as depression, fear/anxiety, or the death of a friend/relative. Whatever this friend is going through, I try my best to reach out to them and talk to them about whatever they may be struggling with, as well as ensuring that will be with them through it all. I’ll go through a couple of the main things that I make sure to include when talking to them.

  1. Tell them that you are praying for them – This is what I constantly tell all of my friends, whether or not they are going through a rough time. Continuously praying for someone through the good and the bad helps us grow closer to God in our prayer life, as well as helping your friend out with their relationship with God.
  2. Remind them to pray about their struggle – Even if they aren’t Catholic or don’t pray very often, have them start off very simple! It’s totally fine to start out having a conversation with God. Tell Him what you’re struggling with and ask for His strength in conquering the struggle.
  3. Ask if there is anything that you can do for them – Being there for them is one of the best ways to help them! As followers and disciples of Christ, one of our main duties is to serve the Lord through helping others. Asking someone if you can help them in any way brings a sense of comfort for the person going through this. They may just need someone to listen to them vent for 5 minutes!
  4. Remind them how much they mean to God, yourself, and others in their life – Some feel like they are not significant enough or feel like they don’t have a huge group of people caring about them, whereas others may just be so depressed that they forget how many people actually love them! Reminding someone how much they mean to you can be a total game-changer. I know – as someone who has been on the receiving end of these reminders before – that just being reminded of how much they mean to others in life can totally change their mood and outlook on life. That could be what they needed to hear to bring them out of the darkness in which they are trapped.
  5. Never lose hope in them, and never let them lose hope – Hope must never be lost on either end. If there is any doubt or lack of hope on either end, it will be difficult to keep fighting. The best thing to do is keep reminding them you are in the battle with them, and encouraging them in everything they do.

I cannot guarantee that this will immediately help, but it is a great place to start. To all of my friends out there that are struggling, remember that God will never give up on you and will constantly love you through every up and down you have in life. I always am praying for you and will not lose hope in your battle to happiness.

If you ever are in need, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak to someone.

Emptiness and Loneliness

We all have those days: the days where we just are not ourselves, or the days where we feel empty or lonely. These feelings may seem like they are consuming us, or like we cannot see that light at the end of the tunnel.

These are things that we all go through and struggle with on a daily/weekly basis. They may seem like they will never end. Guess what? They WILL! Remember what Jesus went through, remember what all of the people in the time of Jesus went through! You are NOT alone in this battle!

Yes, that was a “corny” reference, but really: you are not alone! We all have to fight our battles. The only way we will fight these battles is through God. God is how we fight our battles. *cue another corny connection*

I could go on and on & make more connections, but I don’t want to turn this into a long article. But just remember: never be afraid to turn to God and pray more whenever you have any fears, any loneliness, any emptiness. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you need help, guidance, or just someone to talk to. We ALL care. What hurts a lot of people is seeing someone they love and care about suffering but not talking to anyone. Also, never forget to call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 if necessary.

Much love and God Bless.

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Version 0.9, Build 1

The final beta build!!

Thank you all for your support during this journey! This should be almost identical to the final product, minus a couple of graphics and performance changes.


Known issues:

  • Notifications page still crashes rarely for some users
  • If you have a two identical intentions and you edit one of them, both will be edited


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Version 0.4, Build 1


  • Ability to view set notification time
  • Notifications when you set notification time and add an intention



  • Cannot edit intentions without deleting and re-adding
  • Will crash if you hit settings after scrolling too fast (iPhone 8 Plus reported)
  • “Intention” is misspelled on the confirmation prompt (I KNEW this and still forgot to fix it :/ oops)
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Version 0.3.6, Build 2

  • Intentions table automatically refreshes
  • Done button on keyboard dismisses the keyboard
  • Refresh button removed



  • UIDatePicker still doesn’t reflect notification time set by user
  • No confirmation on submission of Notification Time or Add Intention
  • Inability to edit existing intentions
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