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If you would have asked me on March 6th what I was most looking forward to, I would’ve probably said waiting for spring break to end so I could see my friends again (even though the first day of break wasn’t until March 7th). I may have also said that I was looking forward to the spring season of soccer. Or maybe, I would have said spending the last month and a half with my senior friends that were being sent on to greater and better things. One thing is for sure: I would have NEVER predicted the current pandemic becoming so wide-spread and causing our lives to change within days (or even HOURS for that matter).

I’ve grown up my whole life as an only child (unless you count pets as siblings) and have always considered my best friends to be my brothers. However, up until this past school year, I just couldn’t seem to find the right group of people. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the friends I have! It seemed that I just could never fully fit in with most friends. This year was different though. I began managing the Franciscan University Men’s soccer team, I started my second business, I began being more social, and I made several great friends. This past school year has brought unbelievable knowledge with unbelievable challenges as well. As I said above though, I met several people who soon became my best friends and continued to bring me closer to God, as well as making me a better man.

Anyway, coming back to the end of “Spring Break”, it was known at that point that campus was shut down for several weeks to help prevent spreading the virus through means of education on a small campus. Those who had to come back to Steubenville from missions (or lived in Steubenville) met up in the student centers of campus to tell their friends goodbye (AFTER getting tested and cleared of course). I did the same, except I sat down and talked about the situation to several good friends over the course of several days. The week I had previously was a nightmare, as we were planning for the worst and people were on edge and very short with those of us in IT. I cried that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday thinking about how much things were changing. Even then though, I knew God had a reason for this. Even going through all this pain, I knew God was behind me and supporting me through all of this.

My point in this whole post: these times are tough. We are going to struggle, we are going to cry, we are going to doubt our faith. However, we MUST trust God. This is the real test. How will we persevere through these difficult times? Will we give up? Will we give in to the negativity and lose all hope? Will we stop praying because masses are postponed? Or will we keep fighting like real Catholics? Will we be that positive image that this world needs? Will we do everything in our power to fight through every obstacle thrown at us? Will we attend virtual masses? One thing is for sure: we CANNOT lose our faith in God!